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So there’s been a whirlwind of activity the past week. Asides from my day job interfering with my music work for Anna’s quest, my Pozible campaign has launched and hit full funding. It’s a good result, but not without its share of hard and fast lessons (ie physical merchandise pricing and shipping costs – you [...]

The hour of the wolf

So before you start reading, here’s a warning. This is a bit of a personal blog post, and my out-of-whack body clock has my thoughts a little unhinged as a result. So due to that I’m a tad anxious and on-edge. Read on if you’re cool with that – this sort of blog post is [...]

The nebulous cloud of fundraising

August 6th. The day I put my money where my mouth is (sort of) and put my Pozible campaign up. It’s both a deadline and an opening to something fantastic. I’m both elated and terrified at the prospect. It’s always nerve-wracking putting your creative self on the line, and it’s hard not to view these [...]