Archive | October, 2012

How to Write an Album: Part Two

Music is well and truly in full swing in Flamestar studios. It feels good. Despite the trepidation I’ve felt about the somewhat lofty goal I’ve set with the album, I’m bolstered by my latest efforts. I actually feel like I’ll be able to achieve what I’m setting out to accomplish – and instead of dreading [...]

The Evolution of the Livestream

So with my livestreams, there has been a significant break recently. I am very aware of this. You see, I’ve been trying to write things quickly when on livestream so that people watching don’t lose interest. As a result I think I’m cramping my creativity as I’m not giving myself time to work things over [...]

How to write an album: Part One

So I’m going to start up weekly blog posts to give you guys a bit of a look into the behind-the-scenes machinations of this album as I kick things into gear. Following the successful funding of the pozible project I was able to put some cash towards things like a proper wordpress theme, an upgraded [...]