Anna’s Quest has now been released!

So I’m sure most of you are all aware (some painfully so) that I’d been spending a significant amount of time a month or two back getting music ready for a new indie game.

Well this week it was released! I wrote the entire soundtrack, so if that doesn’t spur you on to pick it up then the fact that it will only set you back a fiver should be adequate persuasion.

An insane amount of effort has gone into the game design, and it is *all* voice acted. So, show my buddy Kram some love and get on over to his site to pick up the game!

Anna’s Quest – Volume 1

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  1. ShaneWSmith September 28, 2012 at 1:41 pm #

    Quick comment to say the music in this game is a complete disaster… no, wait, what’s the word.


    The music is a complete triumph. Amazing work.

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