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Stargazers album released

Hey folks, If you haven’t been following on via social media, the Stargazers album is now out! The streaming set is below – if you feel like supporting indie music then the link to purchase your very own digital copy is here! More articles to follow – a break has been taken following the launch [...]

Anna’s Quest has now been released!

So I’m sure most of you are all aware (some painfully so) that I’d been spending a significant amount of time a month or two back getting music ready for a new indie game. Well this week it was released! I wrote the entire soundtrack, so if that doesn’t spur you on to pick it [...]

The hour of the wolf

So before you start reading, here’s a warning. This is a bit of a personal blog post, and my out-of-whack body clock has my thoughts a little unhinged as a result. So due to that I’m a tad anxious and on-edge. Read on if you’re cool with that – this sort of blog post is [...]