How to write an album: Part One

So I’m going to start up weekly blog posts to give you guys a bit of a look into the behind-the-scenes machinations of this album as I kick things into gear.

Following the successful funding of the pozible project I was able to put some cash towards things like a proper wordpress theme, an upgraded soundcloud account and an upgraded electric guitar soundbank that’s a staple for most of the work I do. I also got to pay those who’ve helped me so far – the logo, the extra clothing design and some cash for hosting. This was then followed by a fairly epic merch order with redbubble for those who have tees/hoodies. I then followed that up with a photoshoot on the weekend so y’all can gaze at my pretty mug (thanks Morkai!)

So where to from here?

Following the work I’ve done on Dungeon Deities and Anna’s Quest I’ll admit I’m a little nervous. I’ve done some of the best work to date on these soundtrack projects and I’ve raised the bar considerably. So I set out to approach the album in a similar way – I started work on a background story for the album to give a strong sense of coherency and unity to the songs that I would write. I seem to compose best when I have a theme in mind.

So I started formulating a story. And along came Shane W Smith, and started giving some shape and form to the universe I had in my mind. So now I don’t just have music to write, but a story to tell with living, breathing characters. I will reveal more about the backing story in due course over the coming months; I don’t want to give away too much just yet ;)

I’ve also started listening to a whole heap of different genres and music styles, getting as much inspiration as I can and keeping a log of notable songs, riffs and sections. My plan is to mash together all sorts of instruments, synths and sounds that normally wouldn’t share places on a track to give a unique fusion of styles.

So the foundations are going down and I’ve got song segments all over the place. Now that I’ve started to slowly recover from my Borderlands 2 addiction the music writing will start proper.

Stay tuned.

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  1. synthetiquette October 4, 2012 at 2:26 am #

    We need more of these posts! Awesome to see it take shape, and the idea of an underlying concept is something that’s always appealed to me with regard to musical compositions.

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