How to write an album: Part Three

So, this post is long overdue, I know. Between other projects, real life, and falling in love/getting engaged I haven’t had a great deal of time to keep everyone updated on how the album is coming along and where things are up to.

That is now going to change!

While the music front is progressing slowly (with 4 completed drafts marked for the album), the graphic novel for the album (by the amazing Shane W Smith) is nearing completion! Originally his work was slated to be a tiny excerpt from the storyline of the concept album, though after some discussion and Shane’s passionate work, it has turned into a 3-volume comic spanning the main storyline. I’m really excited to give everyone some teaser information about the comic today, and paint a bit of the background as to the world of Stargazers. Later this week I’ll be doing a further update giving a glimpse of how the music production is coming along, tying in some of the storyline elements and characters with the music itself.

The world of Stargazers

The Stargazers universe is set in a dystopian universe, split into many factions and nations. In this world, Music is regulated and kept under firm control by many governments and corporations, some going so far as to ban it entirely. To this world, the passion and emotion that this medium breeds is dangerous. Music can create rebellions. It can challenge the status quo. It can be a drug that changes an ordinary man into something greater.

Enter the Stargazers.

The Stargazers, led by James Flamestar, are a band. A bohemian group of rebels, united by their love for music and forced to live a nomadic life as they are systematically pursued by those who seek to bring them to justice for the rebellions they sew with their music. So they fight. They play. They move from one city to another, their music a rallying call to the downtrodden and oppressed.

Until they arrive at Bae Law Song.

Bae Law Song, one of the cities on the nation of Kaelgos, carries the reputation of being one of the more unpredictable cities to live in. Like the other citadels that adorn the country, Kaelgos is a location of one of the priestesses. The legends surrounding these females are varied and lengthy, with much of their history made murky by folklore and hearsay. What those of this universe can agree on, is that each priestess leads a life both blessed and cursed. Each priestess is inexplicably linked to the weather with her emotions – should she be happy, the sun is bright, the day is warm and the flowers arch their back to the sky. Should she be sad, the rain falls from the heavens, the streets wet with her sorrow. Should she be content, the crisp springtime weather greets the day, leaves rustling in a cool breeze. Should she be consumed by cold rage, the snow blankets the ground and frosty gales tear at the buildings.

Coupled with such fantastic power comes a terrible curse.

Each priestess in each city is afflicted with a mental illness, each seemingly picked at random. Some have manic depression, swinging from ecstasy to crushing depression in a matter of minutes. Others have amnesia, remembering then forgetting joys and sorrows each day. Some are plagued with schizophrenia, the weather as unpredictable as the voices that whisper to them every minute of their existence.  There is only one priestess in every city, and as the lore of the country is spoken Only one, Always one. Should a priestess die or be killed, somewhere in the city region a new child is born at that exact moment to take her place. The country is at the mercy of their priestesses; the people forever appeasing these powerful prophets that hold an unpredictable ability to both heal and destroy the lands they are born in.

On the run from the Silver Empire (the latest tyrannical force that has put a bounty on James’s head), the Stargazers arrive at this city, unaware of the lore and unaware of the people within. To them, the city is another temporary safe haven – somewhere to rest and somewhere to recover before they are on their way once again.

James clutches his guitar tightly by his side, face steeled as they enter the gates.

Little do they know what awaits them in this city…

Concept Art – Characters of Stargazers



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