The Evolution of the Livestream

So with my livestreams, there has been a significant break recently. I am very aware of this.

You see, I’ve been trying to write things quickly when on livestream so that people watching don’t lose interest. As a result I think I’m cramping my creativity as I’m not giving myself time to work things over properly (and I think the quality of these tracks is suffering as a result).

I’d like to change this up to give cool live experiences that are interesting for you guys.

So over the next month or two I will be putting together a series of minimixes. These will be similar to the supernova set I did in October last year. I will be getting together a few tracks and writing a few remixes, and once a fortnight or once a month (depending on how hard this is to put together) I’ll do a livestream where you can watch me do the unique form of DJ’ing where I put the track together on the fly with live FX, building them from the loops and riffs I’ve written. In addition, I will be incorporating some cool live elements like live playing of some of my instruments (keys and doing some live drums on the MPC pads, and maybe the zendrum).

I’m hoping that this will be both more enjoyable for you guys (and on a shorter time of 20-30 minutes so you aren’t stuck watching me for hours on end fiddling with small sections of song), and should make me feel less worried about delivering something everyone will enjoy listening to.

What do you all think of this? I want to hear your feedback!

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